Hælend's Ballad

Ian V. Conrey
fantasy > dark fantasy, steampunk
Hælend's Ballad - Ian V. Conrey

"Some call me Murderer, others call me Lord. I've been called Savior and Enslaver. But no one has ever called me Child."

A young man signs his own death warrant when he joins an already failing militia. A teenage girl is haunted by her childhood abuse and begins to crave the very things she hates. A childless mother finds herself on the run as a convicted murderer. Yet they are all unaware that their own fates are tied to a young orphan who has drowned and come back to life in a foreign land where he will be the death of everyone he meets.

Hælend's Ballad is a tale about what happens when men and women from two colliding cultures realize they may not be on the right side. Heroes are villains. The persecuted are oppressors. And when rumors begin to spread that the world is dying, the darkness of their own hearts betrays them.

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Release date: November 30, 2021
Publisher: Independently Published
Genres: fantasydark fantasy, steampunk
Expectation rating: 7.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: November 30, 2021