Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub

by Rudy Ch. Garcia
Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub - Rudy Ch. Garcia 7.50   4

A tale for our times: 

Legacies of slavery and systemic violence rip at US "unity."
Privileged interpretations of our history - rejected.
Teens still ask, Who am I? BUT now they also struggle with, Were conquerors or the conquered my ancestors?

Here enters Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub, a F/SF saga about Irish-American Miguel Reilly whose summer in rural New Mexico turns into an explosive microcosm of 2020s questions.

Is Miguel really Irish? Was his familly linked to resistance to the Mexican American War? Is one better than the other? But most crucially, what can a young gringo salvage from his heritage to equip him to battle a mythic Aztec dragon only he can defeat?

The genre of Mexican myth linked to Fantasy/SciFi is established, and Garcia's YA novel rides the cusp of best-selling Latino fantasy works like Gods of Jade and Shadow, Shadowshaper, Lords of the Earth, and The Garza Twins.

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Release date June 1, 2021 (Somos En Escrito Literary Press)
Details updated November 28, 2022
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