Duskborn Radiance: A Mother's Question

Pasquale di Falco
fantasy > high fantasy, space opera
Duskborn Radiance: A Mother's Question (Duskborn Radiance #1) - Pasquale di Falco

As the forces of tyranny run rampant, the Universe needs a hero, and a mysterious sorceress is almost ready to answer the call. But first, she needs answers to her oldest questions. Without them, she cannot hope to prevail. Strange then, that with so much on her shoulders, she takes such keen interest in three ordinary teenagers.

Dominic, Caterina, and Amadeus live a simple life in a little village. All they want is to tend the gardens and fall in love, yet as they grow older, they begin to notice peculiarities in their environment. Further, they're aware of something brewing inside themselves: an indescribable feeling in their minds, hearts, and guts. All the same, their people's power has long since faded, so the sensations that the three share, well, they simply can't be signs of magic.

With Duskborn Radiance, author Pasquale di Falco rewrites the rulebook. Forget what you know about fantasy and sci-fi; about genre fiction, literary fiction, and the novel form; about reality and time; A Mother's Question shows us that they are so much more. Di Falco tells an epic and symbolic tale while leading readers on a journey into our own selves. Read Duskborn Radiance, and discover your own magic.

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Release date: October 28, 2021
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, space opera
Expectation rating: 7.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: September 17, 2021