Book Five of The All Souls Series

by Deborah Harkness
Book Five of The All Souls Series (The All Souls Series #5) - Deborah Harkness 8.50   10

Deb is currently working on Book #5 in the All Souls Series. It will be a similar book to Time's Convert in that it will look back in a prequel kind of way and also move the characters (from the All Souls World) forward in a sequel kind of way. Deb refers to it as a prequelly/sequelly book.

"Diana and Matthew will be in ALL the books. Maybe not in starring roles, but as they appear in TIME'S CONVERT. They are always important to the All Souls story." - Deborah Harkness

Release date TBA (estimate 2023)

Details updated August 2, 2022

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The All Souls Series :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 5 total works.

The All Souls Series follows the story of Diana Bishop, a historian and reluctant witch, as she solves the mystery of Ashmole 782, falls in love with a mysterious vampire named Matthew Clairmont, and learns how powerful it can be to accept who you are.

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