Primal Wolf King

by Lindsey Devin
Primal Wolf King (Wolves of the Night #2) - Lindsey Devin N/A

He’s the most fearsome King in the land. And now she’s his Queen…

Reyna married the ruthless Wolf King for the sake of her father’s kingdom, but she still refuses to give him her heart. Despite this, she can’t resist the opportunity to travel with Elias when he requests that she accompany him to the kingdom of dragons on royal business.

Unfortunately, Reyna realizes too late that the journey feels too much like a honeymoon, and it will take all her strength not to give in to their powerful attraction. What’s more, as the Wolf Queen, Reyna is now considered valuable property.

With their kingdom’s peace hanging in the balance, Reyna must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice for her new husband. But even her best intentions could go horribly wrong because their enemy is hiding sinister secrets…

Also known as Wolf King Book 2.

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Release date June 28, 2022
Details updated March 13, 2023

Wolves of the Night :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

Wolf King (Wolves of the Night #1) N/A
Primal Wolf King (Wolves of the Night #2) N/A
Dark Wolf King (Wolves of the Night #3) 7.50   2