Ruthless Royalty (Vampires of Baton Rouge #4) - Lindsey Devin, Roxie Ray 7.50   2

He’s vampire royalty who craves virgin blood... and that virgin is me

When you’re a paranormal investigator, you get used to people not believing you. But since taking a plane from Boston to Louisiana to investigate reports of a flying man, even I’m having a hard time believing things for myself.

So far, I’ve been kidnapped and held in a room for ten days. Next, I was introduced to a gorgeous vampire called Francois, who is convinced that I’m his mate and only my virgin blood will keep him alive.

Fran tells me that the Ancients who have captured us intend to resurrect Fran’s father from the dead so they can destroy the vampire royalty. Supposing I believe him and that any of this is real, Fran says he knows a way to stop the Ancients. But he’ll need my help and that we’re running out of time.

It seems like my safest bet of escaping is to trust a vampire who looks ready to devour me. Except I’ll be damned if I’m going to become his own personal blood bank, no matter how seductive he is…

Also known as Ruthless Prince Book 4.

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Release date August 27, 2022
Details updated January 2, 2023

Vampires of Baton Rouge :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

Main series Baton Rouge Vampire

Ruthless Prince (Vampires of Baton Rouge #1) N/A
Ruthless Enforcer (Vampires of Baton Rouge #2) N/A
Ruthless Warrior (Vampires of Baton Rouge #3) N/A
Ruthless Royalty (Vampires of Baton Rouge #4) 7.50   2