Seeds of Light

by Kevin Nichols
Seeds of Light (Chaos Rises Saga #1) - Kevin Nichols N/A

Like Eleven from Stranger Things meets Geralt of Rivia.

An ancient hatred stirs the hearts of elves and men as the old gods wage war.  The last battlefield is the soul of a young girl.

An ancient hatred stirs in the hearts of elves and men as the old gods prepare to wage war.  The significant pieces on the board begin to fall as the champion of the darkness advances into his end game.  The final battlefield awaits within the soul of Nahwei’Ko, a thirteen-year-old girl fostered at the frozen edge of Prima’Tol, the dying sphere of elves.  Her hidden power may hold the weight necessary to balance the scales of Chaos once more.

As agents of both the light and darkness are drawn into the preamble to the coming Chaos Wars, those that seek to uphold the dying light find themselves behind in a race to aid Nahwei’Ko, the girl capable of restoring her decaying world. 

Time is running out.

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Release date June 1, 2022
Details updated March 21, 2023

Chaos Rises Saga :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

Seeds of Light (Chaos Rises Saga #1) N/A
Soils of Darkness (Chaos Rises Saga #2) N/A
Roots of Chaos (Chaos Rises Saga #3) N/A
Blossoms of Doom (Chaos Rises Saga #4) N/A