Soils of Darkness

by Kevin Nichols
Soils of Darkness (Chaos Rises Saga #2) - Kevin Nichols N/A

Servants of the darkness have infiltrated the light.   Lost amid the madness is Nahwei’Ko, a thirteen-year-old girl who is perhaps the only one capable of healing the wounds killing the elven homeworld.

But Chaos is waning from the sphere of elves.  Allies and enemies alike find themselves desperate for an edge in the twin wars consuming their world.  Nahwei’Ko and her allies are beginning to understand that there are those who would die to control her precious gifts.  There are those who would kill.

Betrayed by the light and hunted by the darkness, Nahwei’Ko first must reconcile the imbalance of Chaos within her own soul if she is to save her friends and their dying realm.  But first, she must answer the question shrouding her destiny.

To which side do I belong?

Also known as Seeds of Light Book 2.

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Release date July 1, 2022
Details updated March 23, 2023

Chaos Rises Saga :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

Seeds of Light (Chaos Rises Saga #1) N/A
Soils of Darkness (Chaos Rises Saga #2) N/A
Roots of Chaos (Chaos Rises Saga #3) N/A
Blossoms of Doom (Chaos Rises Saga #4) N/A