Roots of Chaos

by Kevin Nichols
Roots of Chaos (Chaos Rises Saga #3) - Kevin Nichols N/A

It’s been three years since Nahwei’Ko’s dissapearance.  The power vacuum she’s left behind for those who covet magic in Prima’Tol has rattled the fragile peace between the warring continents of Alacacia and Duurenguard. But as the last grapes of Chaos in the realm of elves wither on the vine, only the mage Balen seems to be preparing for the inevitable conflict to come as starving allies covet what remains of their precious mana.

But in order to bring back his lost and forgotten friend and save the peace, Balen learns that seeking Nahwei’Ko requires sacrifice.  The inevitable Chaos War is coming and the mage must reconcile exactly how much he is willing to pay to prepare the light against the darkness.

The price may very well be his mortal soul.

Also known as Seeds of Light Book 3.

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Release date August 5, 2022
Details updated January 13, 2023

Chaos Rises Saga :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

Seeds of Light (Chaos Rises Saga #1) N/A
Soils of Darkness (Chaos Rises Saga #2) N/A
Roots of Chaos (Chaos Rises Saga #3) N/A
Blossoms of Doom (Chaos Rises Saga #4) N/A