Blossoms of Doom

by Kevin Nichols
Blossoms of Doom (Chaos Rises Saga #4) - Kevin Nichols N/A

Darkness has fallen over Prima’Tol.  The refugees of the elven homeworld are under assault as they desperately cling to their failing alliances.  While their greatest weapon and aly is trapped in the realm of dragons, the demon lord Niseag advances into his deadly end game.

As war rages between demons and men, all factions in the Chaos War seek the young woman capable of balancing the scales of power.  The greatest deterrent to the future of Prima’Tol may very well be Nahwei’Ko's past.

Should she return from the realm of the Elderkin, will it be to liberate . . .

. . . Or to conquer?

Also known as Seeds of Light Book 4.

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Release date September 15, 2022
Details updated March 14, 2023

Chaos Rises Saga :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

Seeds of Light (Chaos Rises Saga #1) N/A
Soils of Darkness (Chaos Rises Saga #2) N/A
Roots of Chaos (Chaos Rises Saga #3) N/A
Blossoms of Doom (Chaos Rises Saga #4) N/A