No Present Like Time

Steph Swainston
No Present Like Time (Castle Series #2) - Steph Swainston7.74

It has been five years since the Insects last swarmed in the Fourlands. Their insatiable hunger left countless dead and the land devastated. Reconstruction proceeds under the watchful eyes of the immortal Circle but, increasingly, many are finding its pace too slow.

For Jant, the Emperor’s winged messenger, events are moving ever faster. A brilliant newcomer has joined the Circle, displacing him from his rightful position as centre of attention. He thinks his wife may be having an affair with the world’s strongest man, and an inhabited island has been discovered three months’ sail from the Fourlands (which is obviously impossible).

What’s worse, the Emperor has commanded that Jant join the small group of immortals who will travel as an embassy to the new land. Just perfect for a man terrified of ships and the sea. And he increasingly suspects that he’s a pawn in an ancient political game.

It’d be enough to drive anyone to drugs…

Steph Swainston’s landmark fantasy, that began with the acclaimed The Year of Our War, moves effortlessly into new waters.

Like its predecessor No Present Like Time is a wonderfully original fantasy of unusual depth and beauty. Here is a journey into a new world, a journey like no other.

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Release date: April 2005
Genres: fantasy
Tags: new weird
Average rating: 7.74/10
Total ratings: 45
Updated: August 16, 2021

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Also known as Fourlands series.

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