The Modern World (Castle Series #3) - Steph Swainston8.24

Published in the US as Dangerous Offspring.

Tähtifantasia award 2013.

The endless war, led by the Emperor San and his circle of fifty immortals, against the giant insects that have threatened to overwhelm the Fourlands grinds on. A war for survival has become a numbing war of containment. Frost, the architect, has provided new hope with her grandiose plan to push the insects back behind a lake created by her massive dam on the Oriole river, but its little more than a new level of stalemate.

Jant, the Emperor's winged messenger has more pressing concerns. Cyan, daughter of Lightning, the Emperor's Archer, has gone missing in the city of Hacilith. Lightning wants Jant to bring her back. Jant has rescued Cyan before but he knows better than anyone just how much trouble a teenager can get into in Hacilith's underworld. And he has an added problem. Cyan is now eighteen and if Jant so much as touches her Lightning will kill him. Will curiosity be the death of Jant?

So begins a hectic quest. A quest that will take Jant back to his past, back to the bizarre world of the Shift and, eventually, back to the Fourlands. Just as it faces a terrifying new threat.

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Release date: May 2007
Genres: fantasy
Tags: new weird
Average rating: 8.24/10
Total ratings: 38
Updated: August 19, 2021

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Also known as Fourlands series.

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