The Mayor of Noobtown

by Ryan Rimmel
The Mayor of Noobtown (Noobtown #1) by Ryan Rimmel 7.50   2

It could be worse. You could be stuck with a literal shoulder demon.

After dying and being reborn into a world that's built like a video game, Jim has found himself stuck in a very old world style new player zone for low level adventurers. Unfortunately, the zone fell out of use centuries ago, and no one told the monsters they were supposed to take it easy on the Noobs. Even worse, the only new player around is Jim.

Jim has been given an opportunity, and he'll do his best to take advantage of it.

Category: Fantasy Humor LitRPG

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Release date March 12, 2019
Details updated December 14, 2022


Series contains 8 primary works and has 8 total works.

The Mayor of Noobtown (Noobtown #1) 7.50   2
Village of Noobtown (Noobtown #2) 7.50   2
Castle of the Noobs (Noobtown #3) 7.50   2
Dungeons and Noobs (Noobtown #4) 7.50   2
Noob Game Plus (Noobtown #5) 7.50   2
Nautical Noobs (Noobtown #6) 7.50   2
Tower of the Noobs (Noobtown #7) 7.50   2