Noob Game Plus

by Ryan Rimmel
Noob Game Plus (Noobtown #5) by Ryan Rimmel 7.50   2

What happened? The last thing Jim remembered was being tossed unceremoniously through the Demon Door. Now, he's right back where he first started his adventure, sans demon and badger. Jim's got to make some fast choices if he has any hope of making it back to Windfall and defeating Charles. But after Jarra's death, is Windfall even what he wants anymore?

Also known as The Mayor of Noobtown Book 5.

Category: Fantasy Humor LitRPG

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Release date February 22, 2021
Details updated December 14, 2022


Series contains 8 primary works and has 8 total works.

The Mayor of Noobtown (Noobtown #1) 7.50   2
Village of Noobtown (Noobtown #2) 7.50   2
Castle of the Noobs (Noobtown #3) 7.50   2
Dungeons and Noobs (Noobtown #4) 7.50   2
Noob Game Plus (Noobtown #5) 7.50   2
Nautical Noobs (Noobtown #6) 7.50   2
Tower of the Noobs (Noobtown #7) 7.50   2