Earth Magic - Alexei Panshin, Cory Panshin

Neither swords-and-sorcery nor Tolkienesque romance, Earth Magic presents an archaic world in the tradition of the Northern European epic poems.

Haldane, the young son of the Get warlord Black Morca, encounters a witch in the woods who unsettles his composure with prophecies of strange events and major changes. He returns home to find the first of the prophecies already come true-his father has been off raiding the more civilized countries to the West and has returned with a Western princess for Haldane to marry.

Morca's ambitions arouse mistrust and anger among the other Get lords, and soon Haldane finds himself fleeing for his life with only a wizard of uncertain skills as his companion. Their journey will take them through hidden realms, to a decisive moonlight battle on Stone Heath amid the great menhirs, a place charged with earth magic and bloody memory.


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Release date: 1978
Genres: fantasy
Updated: August 16, 2021