The Road to Paradise

by Keith Roberts
The Road to Paradise - Keith Roberts N/A

1976 was an eventful year. Prime Minister Wilson resigned his leadership, while in America, Carter received the Presidential nomination. Fears were expressed for the nonexistent British constitution, and just before Christmas, there was a hurricane.

Keith Roberts breaks fresh ground and adds a new, exciting female character to an already glittering collection. Meet Maggie Blighe, the girl from Gospel Oak, novelist, penitent, lapsed Catholic. She touched evil, one bright, hot day in Oxfordshire, and swore to hunt it down. The trail was to lead her through the length and breadth of England, till one day evil turned at bay. And started hunting her right the hell back.

Meticulously researched, rich in memorable characters, The Road to Paradise vividly recreates the fears and hopes of the time, and adds a fresh dimension to the notion of the thriller.

Category: Thriller

Release date 1988

Details updated August 18, 2022

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