The Book of Fritz Leiber

by Fritz Leiber
The Book of Fritz Leiber - Fritz Leiber N/A

A collection of short stories and articles.


  • Foreword by Fritz Leiber
  • The Spider
  • Monsters and Monster Lovers (article)
  • A Hitch in Space
  • Hottest and Coldest Molecules (article)
  • Kindergarten
  • Those Wild Alien Words (article)
  • Crazy Annaoj
  • Debunking the I Machine (article)
  • When the Last Gods Die
  • King Lear (article)
  • Yesterday House
  • After Such Knowledge (article)
  • Knight to Move
  • Weird World of the Knight (article)
  • To Arkham and the Stars
  • The Whisperer Re-examined (article)
  • Beauty and the Beasts
  • Masters of Mace and Magic (article)
  • Cat's Cradle

Author's prospectus: — "There will be over sixty thousand words in all. — "The stories will make up tow-thirds of them. — "There will be ten stories, all of them previously un-anthologized, most of them of recent origin. — "All the chief types of story I do will be represented: hard science fiction, Fafhrd-Mouser (sword & sorcery), romantic science fiction, Change War stories, cat stories, Lovecraft-related stories, supernatural-horror stories.

"The non-fiction will amount to about ten items. They will be of all sorts and closely related to the fiction. There will be book reviews, a pop, science article in the Asimov vein, my 'Monsters and Monster Lovers,' and so on.

"Stories and article will alternate in the book, illulminating each other."

And that's the way it worked out, proving that Anthony Boucher was right when he said, "Fritz Leiber stands very firmly in the front rank of modern science fiction writers, " and that Lin Carter was correct in saying, "Fritz Leiber is probalby the finest living writer of sword & sorcery."

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Release date 1974
Details updated August 27, 2022
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