A Bad Neighborhood

Prince Roger MacClintock, Tertiary Heir to the Throne of Man, was a spoiled, rotten, arrogant, whiny, thoroughly useless young pain in the butt. But that was before the Royal Brat and his bodyguards were marooned on Marduk by an assassination attempt. Before they found themselves facing 120 degree hear in jungles where it rained five or six hours a day...during the dry season. Before they had to march halfway around the entire planet, through damnbeasts, Capetoads, killerpillars, and atul-grak.

Under the right circumstances, even the most spoiled brat cam grow up fast, and it turns out that under his petulant, spoiled exterior, Prince Roger is a true MacClintock, a scion of the warrior dynasty which created the Empire of Man. The Marines assigned to guard him believe in him now and are determined to get him off Marduk alive.

Of course, the planet has other ideas...


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Release date: 2001
Genres: science fiction > military science fiction
Average rating: 6.60/10
Total ratings: 5
Updated 2017-01-16