The Soprano Sorceress (The Spellsong Cycle, #1)
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The Soprano Sorceress

by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Release date: 1997
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Anna Marshal wishes she could be anywhere but Ames, Iowa, and anything but a singer and music instructor at Iowa State University. She makes her wish at exactly the wrong time, though, because on Erde a travel sorceress has called for a powerful sorceress – and gets Anna, angry, confused, and thinking that this is not what she had in mind.

On Erde, Anna is no longer just a professional singer, she is a sorceress, perhaps the most powerful on the whole world. Because on Erde, song is magic, and a wrong note can mean death to a sorcerer. Anna has trained a lifetime to reach the level where she won't miss a note and can sing stronger than anyone else on Erde.

But Anna's power does not go unnoticed. The moment she arrives she becomes a target: both the political entities, who fear the unknown power she represents, and the sexist men or Erde, who fear a powerful woman, will try to kill her. Merely to survive, Anna must learn enough magic to use her musical skills and enough about Erde to protect herself and maybe, create a new life for herself.

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