Laws of Nature (Prowlers #2) - Christopher Golden

They're real, and they're here....


Jack Dwyer defeated the pack of Prowlers who had preyed upon the city of Boston with their leader, Owen Tanzer. Tanzer may be gone, but now that Jack is aware of their existence, he is on a constant lookout for evidence of Prowler presence elsewhere. So when his sister, Courtney, and her friend Bill uncover reports of vicious animal attacks in rural Buckton, Vermont, his suspicions are aroused. Messages from the Ghostlands confirm the worst, and Jack and Molly - whose feelings for each other are growing harder to ignore - head for the mountains.

Buckton is a small, quaint town. Jack and Molly are expecting a warm welcome, but instead they are met with distrust. Soon they discover that Buckton is a town with deep secrets, and before they know it, the two become the lead suspects in a rash of brutal murders...


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Release date: 2001
Genres: horror
Updated: August 18, 2021

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