Accursed (Ghosts of Albion #2) - Christopher Golden, Amber Benson

Even death could not stop Britain's greatest defenders.

In 1838, William and Tamara Swift inherit a startling legacy from their dying grandfather, transforming them into the Protectors of Albion, mystical defenders of the soul of England. But the shocked, neophyte sorcerers also inherit unique allies in their battle against the dark forces. Fighting alongside them are the famous – even infamous – Ghosts of Albion: Lord Byron, Queen Bodicea, and Lord Admiral Nelson.

When strange and hideous creatures appear in the slums of London, an unholy plague threatens to launch an epic battle that may rage all the way to Buckingham Palace... and beyond. Time is running out as William and Tamara must learn whether their friends will stand beside them, or seduce and betray them.

"Ghosts of Albion is a sexy, twisted dark-fantasy adventure – Benson and Golden have written one fantastic ride of a book. If Laurell K. Hamilton wrote tales of Victorian England, they might come close to this one." – Douglas Clegg, Stoker Award winning author of The Priest of Blood


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Release date: 2005
Genres: fantasy
Updated: August 19, 2021