Revolt on Alpha C - Robert Silverberg

Thirty-five years ago, young Robert Silverberg burst onto the s.f. scene to become one of the most honored writers in the history of science fiction — the only author to win 5 Nebula Awards and 3 Hugo Awards.

His historic first novel, REVOLT ON ALPHA C, is a work of nonstop excitement, courage, and conscience that takes us from the perils of deep space to terror on a jungle planet of dinosaurs — and revolution...

Larry Stark's life is the Patrol — until he's ordered to smash the freedom fighters on colony world Alpha C IV, as his own shipmates desert to join the rebellion. Loyalty to the Patrol will make Stark a mass murderer. Loyalty to his friends will make him a traitor. Alone on an alien world, Stark must choose sides... or be marked for death—

By both camps!

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Release date: 1955
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 15, 2021