A Time of Changes - Robert Silverberg

Hugo Award: Best Novel nominee (1972).
Nebula Award: Best Novel winner (1972).

In a world numbed of feeling, he felt deeply. In a world drained of passion, he loved fiercely. In a land of anti-people, he dared to search his soul and find himself. Prince Kinnal Darival was an alien in his homeland, a traitor to the realm his fathers ruled. Yet it was Kinnal Darival who would decide the destiny of Velada Borthan. For the planet's fate lay in a drug which promised any man a meeting with Infinity, a drug which could spread throughout the planet and destroy it – a drug contained in a small flask which the Earthman Schweiz was holding out to Kinnal Darival...

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Release date: 1971
Genres: science fiction
Tags: nebula award
Updated: January 08, 2015