Tom O'Bedlam - Robert Silverberg

"I know more than Apollo
Fort oft when he lies sleeping
I behold the starts at mortal wars
And the wounded wekin weeping."

- Tom O' Bedlam's song

Tom, like the medieval Tom O'Bedlam, can't decipher the meaning of the images plaguing his mind. Much like the wondering and mad Tom of the medieval ballad, the Tom O' Bedlam of 2103 doesn't know what to make of the images that keep cluttering his mind. To preserve the last shred of his sanity and keep these never-ending wonders a secret, he feigns insanity. But then a probe that has traveled over four light years away transmits the very pictures that have been haunting Tom's dreams.

In this post-industrial world on the verge of a total collapse, Tom has become humanity's spokesperson to the distant planet that may be his world's salvation.


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Release date: 1985
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 31, 2021