The Privilege of the Sword - Ellen Kushner8.84

Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel 2007. World Fantasy Award nominee 2007, Nebula Award nominee 2006.

In a labyrinthine city full of intrigue, secrets, and scoundrels, in the Riverside district where society’s rules only loosely apply, Katherine, the niece of Alec Campion, Duke Tremontaine, dreams of a life of ladylike privilege. But Katherine's uncle is not known as the Mad Duke for nothing. Her dreams crash down to earth when she discovers that her uncle wants an entirely different life for her.

The Mad Duke wants to turn her into something unique, something the city has never seen before: a woman who can fight her own battles, a swordswoman.

However, even the Mad Duke doesn't realize what giving that power to a young girl will mean.

Set between Kushner’s previous novel, Swordspoint, and her collaboration with Delia Sherman, The Fall of the Kings, The Privilege of the Sword is an marvelous tale of love, betrayal, scandal, and secrets which crackles with energy, wit, and wonders.

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Release date: July 2006
Genres: fantasy
Tags: locus award
Average rating: 8.84/10
Total ratings: 12
Updated: August 22, 2021

Riverside :: Series

The Fall of the Kings7.80
The Privilege of the Sword8.84