Moonshine (Cal Leandros, #2)6.66

Cover art by Chris McGrath.

I was born a monster. Although truthfully, I was only half monster. My mother was human; my father was something... else. Half monster or whole, in the end it did not matter. I had my weaknesses, same as anyone else.

And I was facing one of them now.

After saving the world from his fiendish father's side of the family, Cal Leandros and his stalwart half brother, Niko, have settled down with a new apartment and a new gig – bodyguard and detective work. And in New York City, where preternatural beings stalk the streets just like normal folk, business is good.

Their latest case has them going undercover for the Kin, the werewolf Mafia. A low-level Kin boss thinks a rival is setting him up for a fall, and wants proof. The place to start is the back room of Moonshine – a gambling club for non-humans. Cal thinks it's a simple in-and-out job. But Cal is very, very wrong.

Cal and Niko are being set up themselves – and the people behind it have bites much worse than their bark...

"A roaring roller coaster of a read... [it'll] take your breath away." – Simon R. Green, New York Times bestselling author of Hell to Pay

"Stunningly original. The reader's attention is captured and held from page one."The Green Man Review

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Release date: 2007
Genres: fantasy > urban fantasy
Average rating: 6.66/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated 2015-02-09