Gotrek and Felix: The Second Omnibus

William King
fantasy, collection
Gotrek and Felix: The Second Omnibus - William King

This is a bumper edition encompassing the fourth, fifth and sixth instalments in the best-selling Gotrek & Felix series.

The legend of Gotrek & Felix is known throughout the Old World as a tragic tale of heroism and bravery. The dishonored dwarf, Gotrek, roams the dark places of the Warhammer world seeking a glorious death in battle to atone for an unspoken personal disgrace. His human companion, Felix is there to chronicle Gotrek's death saga, but first he must live to tell the tale!

This great value omnibus is released in the same month as Orcslayer, the long-awaited eighth Gotrek & Felix novel and will complement the book collection of any fantasy fan.


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Release date: 2006
Genres: fantasy, collection
Tags: warhammer
Average rating: 7.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 22, 2021

Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix :: Series

Belongs to the series Warhammer
Related series The Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson

Gotrex & Felix
Gotrek and Felix: The First Omnibus7.34
Gotrek and Felix: The Second Omnibus
Gotrek and Felix: The Third Omnibus
Skavenslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #2)7.06
Daemonslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #3)6.50
Dragonslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #4)6.76
Beastslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #5)6.34
Vampireslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #6)7.26
Giantslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #7)7.26
Orcslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #8)
Manslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #9)
Elfslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #10)
Shamanslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #11)
Zombieslayer (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #12)
Road of Skulls (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #13)
City of the Damned (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #14)
The Serpent Queen (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix #15)