Doctor Dolittle in the Moon (Doctor Dolittle #8) - Hugh Lofting

This tale of Doctor Dolittle tells of his adventures in the moon, whither he journeys on the back of a giant moth, with Tommy Stubbins, Chee-Chee and Polynesia.

The doctor's active efforts in the pursuit of science and understanding of his fellow creatures have now extended to the vegetable kingdom and its strange languages. In the moon, he finds vegetables and insects play a larger part than they do on earth. The Vanity Lily is one of his happiest discoveries, a flower possessing the most advanced form of vegetable intellect, and the finding of the Man in the Moon himself is one of the high spots of the story. What with the whispering vines and singing forests, the doctor finds full scope for his clever faculty of learning new languages.

The real climax is capped when Tommy Stubbins is kidnapped and sent back to earth, leaving Doctor Dolittle in the moon to manage as best as he can. But as usual, he is equal to the occasion and endears himself anew to his world of readers.


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Release date: 1928
Genres: fantasy, childrens
Updated: August 21, 2021

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