Gub-Gub's Book (Doctor Dolittle #9) - Hugh Lofting

Only once in a century does a world-famous gourmand discourse so eloquently on the fine art of eating that all the others run in shame and hide behind their microwaves.

But the great Gub-Gub, D.S.D., the famed porker from the Doctor Dolittle books, condescends for a third time to reveal to the hungering masses the secrets that whet his appetite.

Not since 1974 has the world been priviledged to hear firsthand the results of Gub-Gub's scholarly researches into the origins of the truffle and the potato and the mapping of such world historical places as the exact spot where Albert burned the cakes.

Nor is that all. The Doctor of Salad Dressings also discusses the War of the Tomatoes, the great cases of the Icebox Detective Sherbet Scones, and the dangers of Dr. Pillcrank's Mental Treatment for Obesity.

This, the first of Gub-Gub's epigurean twenty-volume encyclopaedia of food, is a mouth-watering joy.


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Release date: 1932
Genres: fantasy, childrens
Updated: August 18, 2021

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