Turquoise Days - Alastair Reynolds

A novella.

The Pattern Jugglers of planet Turquoise — an alien entity that takes the form of floating organisms on the surface of a planetwide sea. Turquoise Days is the story of Naqi Okpik, a human scientist who must come to terms with the mysteries of the Jugglers while dealing with an external threat to the planet — a threat to the Jugglers themselves. But are the Pattern Jugglers conscious life forms, and can they protect themselves against this alien menace? Turquoise Days plays out against the same turbulent, far future, deep-space background as Alastair Reynolds's novels — Revelation Space, Chasm City, and Redemption Ark — and novella-length stories "Great Wall of Mars" and "Diamond Dogs."

Turquoise Days, a 30,000-word, 78-page novella, kicks off a new line of quality trade paperbound chapbooks from Golden Gryphon Press. Each copy is signed and numbered by the author on the limitation page.

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Release date: 2002
Genres: science fictionspace opera
Average rating: 6.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 18, 2021

Revelation Space :: Series

The Revelation Space universe is a fictional universe which was created by Alastair Reynolds and used as the setting for a number of his novels and stories. Its fictional history follows the human species through various conflicts from the relatively near future (roughly 2200) to approximately AD 40000 (all the novels to date are set between 2427 and 2727, although certain stories extend beyond this period). It takes its name from Revelation Space, which was the first published novel set in the universe.

The main trilogy (also known as the Inhibitor trilogy) consists of 1) Revelation Space, 2) Redemption Ark and 3) Absolution Gap, and deals with humanity coming to the attention of the inhibitors and the resultant war between them.

Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days7.76
Turquoise Days
Galactic North7.76
The Prefect8.02
Elysium Fire7.62
Inhibitor Phase8.20
Revelation Space (Revelation Space #1)8.38
Chasm City (Revelation Space #2)8.26
Redemption Ark (Revelation Space #3)8.54
Absolution Gap (Revelation Space #4)8.40