Requiem of Stars (Songs of the Stellar Wind #1) - Tracy Hickman N/A

On silver wings they sail the darkwind between uncounted worlds, the ships of the Pax Galacticus, rulers of the galaxy. Their journeys are mostly routine. But when a rebel privateer ambushes the Pax frigate Shendridan, First Master Serg Dresiv finds himself in charge of a stricken vessel, a decimated crew, and a complement of rebel prisoners – including their cunning and heartless commander, the beautiful but deadly Thyne Haught-Cargil.

As Serg struggles to save the ship and bring the rebels to trial, Thyne plots her escape and the destruction of the Shendridan. Until they all come face-to-face with a massive armada of unknown origin and terrifying power – and Serg and Thyne suddenly find themselves reluctant allies in a desperate battle to save humanity...

Release date 1996

Details updated August 23, 2021

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Songs of the Stellar Wind :: Series

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Requiem of Stars (Songs of the Stellar Wind #1) N/A