Mystic Empire (The Bronze Canticles #3) - Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman 5.70   13

Thrice upon a time, their children would be armed with the power of newfound magic...

Eighty years have passed since the Mystics founded the glorious nation of Calsandria on the ruins of a fabled lost empire, and now their new order is mired in politics and bloodlines. A woman like Theona Conlan, who lacks magic powers, has no place in Mystic society. But she vows to lead the desperate search for the long-lost Crown Prince – the last descendant of Galen Arvad...

In another realm the faery Dwynwyn, Queen of the Dead, must face an emerging truth: Her world's slave creatures, such as centaurs and satyrs, are mastering the magic once solely available to faeries. And this reality will shatter the fragile peace between the faeries and their vengeful enemies...

In the goblin world, the little scientist Lunid wants to get closer to the god of her dreams. So she builds a device that can let her reach across worlds and snatch him back to her like a prized pet. Her masters, however, have plans for her invention that she could not have foreseen...

But unknown to them all, the gates between realities are about to burst open and allow nightmare armies to pour through – plunging Mystics, faeries, goblins, centaurs, and dragons into unimaginable, devastating conflict. Soon all these entities are caught in a war that can be won only with an undiscovered magic.

One that will unite – or destroy – three worlds.

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Release date 2006
Details updated August 29, 2022

The Bronze Canticles :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Mystic Warrior (The Bronze Canticles #1) 5.32   48
Mystic Quest (The Bronze Canticles #2) 6.50   20
Mystic Empire (The Bronze Canticles #3) 5.70   13

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