The Creature from Beyond Infinity

by Henry Kuttner
Release date: 1968
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

The Creature from Beyond Infinity was first published in a 1940 issue of "Startling Stories" magazine under the title "A Million Years to Conquer," and finally in book form in the 1968 Popular Library paperback.


This story branches off into two tracks. The first begins thousands of years ago, when an alien ship from a doomed world, seeking a planet to colonize, crashes on earth. There is only one survivor, and it becomes his mission to find an intelligence on Earth - or in Earth's future - equal to his own. To do this, he puts himself into a suspended animation and makes jumps forward in history, at each stop looking for the most intelligent human of that time.

In a parallel story in the present time, a mysterious space-born plague has infected Earth and may wipe out all life by creating energy sucking vampires of the people it infects. The most brilliant scientist on Earth, Stephen Court, tries stop the plague and save the world but has only limited success.

Eventually, the two stories converge as the alien reaches Stephen's time. Will he find himself on another doomed planet or be able to team with the scientist to stop it?

updated 2013-01-13

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