The Startling Worlds of Henry Kuttner

Henry Kuttner
science fiction, fantasy, collection
The Startling Worlds of Henry Kuttner - Henry Kuttner

Omnibus edition.

From the pages of Startling Stories and science fiction's Golden Age...

Here are three magnificent novels of alternate time streams and fantastic worlds, of ordinary men and women who, by some fluke, are torn from the earth we know to land in parallel worlds where genetically altered monsters rule... realms where Alchemy is the state religion... places where science and sorcery battle for control.

And your guide for these three incredible journeys is Henry Kuttner, master storyteller, world-builder extraordinaire, and creator of exotic new places and exciting ideas... a writer who ranks with Heinlein, Asimov, A. Merritt, and van Vogt, as one of the top authors of that golden era when the science fiction magazines ruled supreme. Now three of Henry Kuttner's finest stories await you - The Portal in the Picture (also published as Beyond Earth's Gate), Valley of the Flame, and The Dark World.

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Release date: 1987
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, collection
Updated: January 13, 2013