Only You Can Save Mankind (The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy #1) - Terry Pratchett5.34

The mighty alien fleet from the very latest computer game thunders across the computer screen...

Hands poised on the joystick, Johnny prepares to blow them into the usual million pieces...

And they send him a message: WE SURRENDER.

They're not supposed to do that! Where does it say in the manual that they're supposed to do that?

But they've done it. This time they don't want to die. They just want to go home.

Johnny is the only human who knows. So he has to learn how to wage all-out Peace, and they don't make joysticks with a 'Don't Fire' button...

It's hard, trying to Save Mankind from the Galactic Hordes. It's even harder trying to save the Galactic Hordes from Mankind. But it's only a game, isn't it.


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Release date: 1992
Genres: science fiction, childrens
Average rating: 5.34/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: November 15, 2018

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Only You Can Save Mankind (The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy #1)5.34
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