Johnny and the Dead (The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy, #2)
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Johnny and the Dead

by Terry Pratchett
Release date: 1993
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, childrens

'Call any time you like,' said the Alderman. 'I'm always in. That's something you learn to be good at, when you're dead ...'

Not many people can see the dead (not many would want to). But twelve-year-old Johnny Maxwell can. And the dead are nothing like he expected. They don't lurch about. They don't push through walls. They can't even dance like they do in videos. They're just people – post-senior citizens – and they're always in.

At least, up until now. Now the council want to move them out so the cemetery can be sold as a building site. But the dead have learned a thing or two from Johnny. They're not going to take it lying down... especially since it's Halloween tomorrow.

Besides, they're beginnign to find that life is a lot more fun than it was when they were... well... alive. Especially if they break a few rules...

An irreverent and highly-entertaining new fantasy tale featuring Johnny Maxwell, first met in Terry Pratchett's "Only You Can Save Mankind".

updated 2017-01-15

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