Throne of Jade (Temeraire, #2)
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Throne of Jade

by Naomi Novik
Release date: April 2006
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, alternate history
Tags: dragons, locus award

History takes flight in this deliciously addictive novel, which captures the Napoleonic period perfectly and skilfully layers history with imagination by adding a Dragon Air Force to the battle for England.

Temeraire is a Celestial dragon, the most highly-prized of all draconic breeds; famed for their intelligence, agility and most of all for the Divine Wind – their terrible roar capable of shattering the heavy timbers of war ships and devastating woodland.

Captured by the British, Temeraire was meant to be the companion of the Emperor Napoleon and not captained by a mere officer in the British Air Corps. The Chinese have demanded his return and the British government cannot afford to provoke the Asian super-power into allying with the French – even if it costs them the most powerful weapon in their arsenal, and forces Laurence and Temeraire apart.

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After the first book my expectations were high, but this book just isn't as good as the first one. Story is of growth and friendship is not the main thing, but an adventure. And I do not find the adventure itself to be as fulfilling as the first story. In time it's entertaining enough, but story itself focuses in different thing than in the first book.
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