MacArthur's War: The Invasion of Japan

by Douglas Niles, Michael Dobson
Release date: 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: alternate history

Just as Fox on the Rhine and Fox at the Front showed readers an alternate Europe in which Hitler had been killed, thereby radically changing the course of World War II, Douglas Niles and Michael Dobson bring us the Battle of Midway with a very different outcome.

The Allies are wildly out maneuvered and sent home in disgrace. Back in the States things are looking rather grim as the ultra-secret Manhattan Project runs into snafus that greatly delay the final production of the atomic bomb.

President Roosevelt's approval ratings drop dramatically. Congress is desperate and the country cries out for a hero.

That hero might just be Douglas MacArthur, who vowed that he would return to his beloved Philippines. He plans to do so with the backing of the entire US Armed Forces.

MacArthur's plan of action is simple: take the war back to the Japanese, island by bloody island, until standing on the shores of Japan, he can proclaim victory.

And possibly gain the leadership of the United States as well.


updated 2017-09-21

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