Black Powder War

by Naomi Novik
Black Powder War (Temeraire #3) - Naomi Novik 6.68   19

After their adventure in China, Capt. Will Laurence of His Majesty's Aerial Corps and his extraordinary dragon, Temeraire, gratefully anticipate their voyage home.

But before they set sail, they are waylaid by urgent new orders. The British Government, having purchased three valuable dragon eggs from the Ottoman Empire, now require Laurence and Temeraire to make a more perilous over-land journey instead, stopping off in Istanbul to collect and escort the precious cargo back to England - and time is of the essence if the eggs are to arrive before they hatch.

A cross-continental expedition is a daunting prospect, fraught with countless dangers. The small party must be prepared to navigate frigid mountain passes and cross sterile deserts to evade feral dragons and Napoleon's aggressive infantry. And they will also have to endure an unexpected menace, for a Machiavellian herald precedes them, spreading political poison in her wake.

Lien, the white celestial dragon, absconded from the Chinese Imperial Court shortly after the humiliating death of her beloved princely companion. Fervently believing Temeraire to be the architect of her anguish, she has vowed to ally herself with his greatest enemy in order to exact a full and painful revenge upon everything and everyone the black dragon holds dear.

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Release date May 2006
Details updated August 23, 2022

Temeraire :: Series

Series contains 9 primary works and has 11 total works.

A British naval captain and a fighting dragon named Temeraire form one of the most popular partnerships in recent fantasy history. Set during the Napoleonic era, as Napoleon's forces are capturing more and more territory on the European mainland, the series follows the heroic efforts of Britain's Aerial Corps to protect their island home.

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Black Powder War (Temeraire #3) 6.68   19
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January 1, 2012
6 / 10

Temeraire's story started really well, but after the first to book the glamor of new ideas start to loose it's gleam and the following stories just aren't as good as the first one that I really loved. While reading this book I though it had this feeling of how random the world is, but at the same time it felt like all these things happened just to fill the pages. Especially as I'm not too interested in traveling nor war, this book had much less to give than the first of from this series.

89 ratings
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June 25, 2019
Gave 8 / 10 rating to this book
295 ratings
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May 4, 2018
Gave 6 / 10 rating to this book
Sparkling wolf
Sparkling wolf
73 ratings
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October 19, 2017
Gave 9 / 10 rating to this book
January 5, 2015
Gave 6 / 10 rating to this book
September 7, 2013
Gave 7 / 10 rating to this book
July 29, 2012
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October 29, 2011
Gave 8 / 10 rating to this book
January 23, 2010
Gave 6 / 10 rating to this book
April 19, 2008
Gave 8 / 10 rating to this book