Fistandantilus Reborn

by Douglas Niles
Fistandantilus Reborn (Dragonlance: Lost Legends #2) - Douglas Niles N/A

A Lost Gods Book

Emilo Haversack is unusually worried for a kender - though he can't for the life of him remember what his problem is. Still, he's been wandering across Ansalon for quite some time, trying to remember what's wrong. All he can recall is the name of a very evil, very dead wizard... Fistandantilus.

Joined by a young kendermaid, a human lad, and a devout, if somewhat naive priest, Emilo is drawn into a mysterious quest. As he draws closer to the secret of his past, he and his friends find themselves caught in an increasingly sinister web of intrigue.

And as the conclusion of the adventure approaches, the companions learn that their pourpose is one that could catapult them from Krynn - and forever change the destiny of the world they leave behind.


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Release date 1997
Details updated August 23, 2022

Dragonlance: Lost Legends :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

Main series Dragonlance

Vinas Solamnus (Dragonlance: Lost Legends #1) N/A
Fistandantilus Reborn (Dragonlance: Lost Legends #2) N/A