Spellbound (The Legend of the Ice People #1) - Margit Sandemo 7.70   30

It is winter 1581 and the corpse-strewn streets of Trondheim on Norway's northern coast are stricken with plague. The ominous orange glare of mass funeral pyres relieves the icy blackness beyond the city gates. A young, starving 17-year-old peasant girl, Silje Angrimsdotter, newly orphaned by the "black death" struggles through the horror, reluctantly rescuing en route a distraught two-year-old girl Sol and an abandoned newborn baby boy. In the shadowy forest close to the fires, still shepherding her new young charges, Silje meets for the first time a strange captivating "wolf man" Tengel of the Ice People, to whom, despite herself and his ominous reputation, she feels a powerful physical attraction...

These harrowing events set the scene for Spellbound and launch this first novel of the already celebrated international bestselling series Sagan om IsfolketThe Legend of the Ice People by Margit Sandemo, now published for the first time in English. This saga of love and turmoil which moves compellingly through the next four centuries into modern times, weaves historical events and the supernatural together in engrossing narratives that have already captivated countless readers in a dozen countries. They have also made the author herself something of a legend with sales of over 37 million books in the Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Russian and Polish languages.

"Loved by the masses, the prolific Margit Sandemo has written over 170 novels to date and is Scandinavia's most widely read author..." – Mia Gahne, Scanorama Magazine


Release date June 11, 2008
Original title 'Trollbunden'

Details updated August 23, 2021

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The Legend of the Ice People :: Series

Series contains 6 primary works and has 6 total works.

Spellbound (The Legend of the Ice People #1) 7.70   30
Witch-Hunt (The Legend of the Ice People #2) 7.50   22
The Depths of Darkness (The Legend of the Ice People #3) 7.06   16
Yearning (The Legend of the Ice People #4) 6.94   16
Mortal Sin (The Legend of the Ice People #5) 8.00   15
Evil Inheritance (The Legend of the Ice People #6) 6.42   14

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