The Magic Thief (The Magic Thief #1) - Sarah Prineas7.22

In a city that runs on a dwindling supply of magic, a young boy is drawn into a life of wizardry and adventure. Conn should have dropped dead the day he picked Nevery's pocket and touched the wizard's locus magicalicus, a stone used to focus magic and work spells. But for some reason he did not.

Nevery decides to take Conn as his apprentice on the provision that the boy find a locus stone of his own. But Conn has little time to search for his stone between wizard lessons and helping Nevery discover who – or what – is stealing the city of Wellmet's magic. Meanwhile Conn is hiding his own secret – his connection to the sinister Underlord, Crowe...

The first in a compelling, beautifully written trilogy, with wonderful characters you'll want to read more and more about.

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Release date: June 3, 2008
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Average rating: 7.22/10
Total ratings: 150
Updated: August 16, 2021

The Magic Thief :: Series

The Magic Thief (The Magic Thief #1)7.22
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