Reader and Raelynx

Sharon Shinn
fantasy > high fantasy, romance
Reader and Raelynx (Twelve Houses #4) - Sharon Shinn

The young mystic Cammon, a reader capable of seeing the truth in the hearts of others, has been summoned to the palace to read all of the suitors vying for the hand of the Princess Amalie.

Cam soon begins to suspect that Amalie herself is a mystic. Her thoughts are opaque to him, and she has an intuitive control over the fearsome raelynx that is kept caged in the palace. And he also begins to fall in love with her, and she with him – a relationship that is, as they both know, doomed. Amalie is royalty, Cam most definitely is not.

But their personal concerns are swept aside as the long-brewing rebellion against the king comes to fruition. In the fearsome battle that ensues, Cam and his friends are tested in body and spirit, as they bring to bear all of their skills, magical and otherwise, in defense of their king and his heir. Princess Amalie – the woman Cammon loves, the woman whose secret he must keep, no matter the cost...

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Release date: 2007
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, romance
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 29, 2021

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