A Shout for the Dead (The Ascendants of Estorea, #2)
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A Shout for the Dead

by James Barclay
Release date: January 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

It has been a decade since Estorea's war with Tsard and life remains difficult. The first Ascendants, Arducius, Gorian, Mirron and Ossacer, who brought the awesome power of magic into the world, are no longer teenagers but still face uncertainty and persecution. The Conquord's Advocate, Herine Del Aglios, is increasingly isolated by her support of the Ascendancy. Paul Jhered, Exchequer of the Gatherers, is her only true ally.

And while three Ascendants strive to gain acceptance in the face of continuing demands by the Order of Omniscient for their deaths, Gorian's power has grown, his grip on reality weakening.

Meanwhile, on the borders of the Conquord discontent still grows. The war with Tsard was costly, Tsardon ambitions still run high and there are rumours. Rumours that should be dismissed as ridiculous. Stories of people once dead, walking the earth once more.

But then Mirron's son is kidnapped from the very heart of the Conquord, and a merciful decision made ten years ago threatens to tear the Conquord apart.

A new terror is coming. The dead are in the march.

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