Demons of the Dancing Gods (The Dancing Gods #2) - Jack L. Chalker

In Husaquahr, the world of magic beyond the Sea of Dreams, the battle had been won and all seemed peacefull. But Throckmorton P. Ruddygore, master sorcerer, knew better. Far to the south on the River of Dancing Gods, the Dark Baron plotted with a Demon Prince to wage the final ware that would bring about Armageddon.

The Dark Baron had to be one of the other sorcerers on the Council of Thirteen. But was it the evil witch Esmerada? The usurper Kaladon? Or another of his peers? Ruddygore needed spies to risk the dangerous, perhaps fatal, journey to the unknown.

Again he demanded the service of the two humans from Earth Prime - Joe, who had become a superbarbarian hero with a magic sword; and Marge, now changed to a flying fairy woman. Of course, Marge had developed some odd nighttime habits, and Joe had been bitten by a weredog, but...


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Release date: 1984
Genres: fantasy
Updated: August 25, 2021