The Shadow Dancers (G.O.D. Inc #2) - Jack L. Chalker

Power-mad fanatics are running a narcotic V.D. that spreads like a bug, works like a drug, and one touch hooks you for good. You don't become a junkie, you become a zombie. 'Cause this monkey's not just on your back, but in your brain, it's got a mind, and if you kick it, it kicks back with madness and death...

G.O.D., Inc. is the outfit that runs the Labyrinth to infinite alternate earths filled with crime, danger... and murder. Brandy Horowitz a beautiful black private investigator, and her husband Sam, a wonderful Jewish sleuth, have to smash the source of a vicious drug-bug before it reaches the client's Home World.


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Release date: 1987
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 19, 2021

G.O.D. Inc :: Series

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The Shadow Dancers (G.O.D. Inc #2)
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