Nine Princes in Amber (The Chronicles of Amber #1) - Roger Zelazny7.90

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award nominee 1971.

Amber: A kingdom beyond imagination where brother fights brother to succeed to the throne...

When Corwin awoke in the hopital he remembered very little. Except that he'd been in an automobile accident that wasn't an acident at all. Then he discovered his name and the fact that his strength was superhuman. And that was enough to send him on a journey that started in New York and swiftly flung him into the fantastic realms of Amber where eight brothers fought for the right to be crowned king.

For Corwin was the ninth Prince – his royal colours, black and silver – who had been exiled to the shadow world of Earth. Now Corwin had returned to claim the throne from his sworn and hated enemies, his own flesh and blood...

Nine Princes in Amber is a dazzling evocation of an alternative or parallel world, a tour de force of Science Fiction at its best.

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Release date: 1970
Genres: fantasy
Average rating: 7.90/10
Total ratings: 90
Updated: January 15, 2017

The Chronicles of Amber :: Series

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8/10 |
October 09, 2007
Before I say anything about Nine Princes in Amber, I must mention that I've read The Great Book of Amber, which contains all the books from 1 to 10 (if you like Zelazny's series, you should buy this omnibus edition). In my opinion Nine Princes of ...