Songs of Stars and Shadows
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Songs of Stars and Shadows

by George R. R. Martin
Release date: 1977
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, short stories

A collection of short fiction.

  • This Tower of Ashes
  • Patrick Henry, Jupiter, and the Little Red Brick Spaceship
  • Men of Greywater Station
  • The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr
  • Night of the Vampyres
  • The Runners
  • Night Shift
  • ...for a single yesterday
  • And Seven Times Never Kill Man

There is a girl who goes between worlds.

She is grey-eyed and pale of skin, or so the story goes, and her hair is a coalblack waterfall with half seen hints of red. She wears about her brow a circlet of burnished metal, a dark crown that holds her hair in place and sometimes puts shadows in her eyes. Her name is Sharra.

The beginning of her story is lost to us, with the memory of the world from which she sprang. The end? The end is not yet, and when it comes we shall not know it.

We have only the middle, or rather a piece of that middle, the smallest part of the legend, a mere fragment of the quest...

Deadly spiders big as pumpkins consume victims who scream with joy...

The saga of a man who lives alone on his own planet...

Adrian Colmer, Master Probe, takes on a client who claims to be the subject of telepathic torment...

An all-too-possible revolution in the United States, post-1984...

How Jupiter got its thirteenth moon...

And other astonishing tales, including And Seven Times Never Kill Man, nominated for the Hugo Award.

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