Knight of Shadows (The Chronicles of Amber, #9)
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Knight of Shadows

by Roger Zelazny
Release date: 1989
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Sign of Chaos, the last Amber novel, ended in a violent magical confrontation between Merlin Corey and his maniacal half-brother Jurt at the Keep of the Four Worlds. Deafened and bloodied by exploding spells of Power, threatened and confused by the alliance of Jurt with the powerful and msyterious sorcerer Mask, Merlin strategically deployed his limited magic against the near-infinite resources of the Fount of Power - and succeeded. Jurt, forced to retreat, carried off the body of the stricken Mask, whose face - glimpsed by Merlin at the last instant - was the face of Merlin's lover, Julia.

Now, in Knight of Shadows, Merlin doggedly pursues the mysterious disappearances of the two people dearest to him: Julia, once murdered and now reincarnated as his enemy; and his father, Corwin, never visible, who nevertheless leaves behind tantalizing signs of life and purpose.

But the powers of Order and Chaos intervene, attempting to force Merlin to choose once and for all where his allegiance lies: with the Courts of Chaos or with Amber, with the Logrus or the Unicorn.

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