by C. J. Cherryh
Regenesis (Cyteen #2) by C. J. Cherryh 8.50   2

The direct sequel to the Hugo Award- winning novel Cyteen, Regenesis continues the story of Ariane Emory PR, the genetic clone of one of the greatest scientists humanity has ever produced, and of her search for the murderer of her progenitor — the original Ariane Emory. Murder, politics, deception, and genetic and psychological manipulation combine against a backdrop of interstellar human societies at odds to create a mesmerizing and major work in Regenesis. Who did kill the original Ariane Emory? And can her personal replicate avoid the same fate?

Those questions have remained unanswered for two decades — since the publication of Cyteen. Now in Regenesis those questions will finally be answered.

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Release date January 1, 2009
Details updated September 15, 2016


Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

Main series The Alliance-Union Universe

Cyteen (Cyteen #1) 9.20   5
Regenesis (Cyteen #2) 8.50   2

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